Frequently Asked Questions

Make contact with your chosen Agent who will provide you with assistance in preparing your documentation. You will need to complete all the official forms for each applicant, attend a medical examination and obtain all required documents.
Please note that all documents must be translated into English. Where a document is required to be produced in support of the application for Citizenship by Investment, it must be certified/authenticated.

Please note that the process of considering the application takes approx 3 months which would include background checks on the client undertaken by international private investigative agencies on behalf of the Government. In the event that the process needs to be longer the Unit would advise accordingly.

See the attached list of required documents.

The Non-Refundable Fees payable on the submission of an application are as follows: the 10% Government Processing Fee; the Due Diligence Fee and the legal/submission fee.
The balance of the 90% Government Processing Fee and the payment to the National Development Fund only becomes due when the application is approved.

One copy of all the application forms for the Main Applicant – AB1, AB2, AB3, AB4, AB5 and one for each dependant – AB1, AB2, AB3

  • Visa-free travel to around 136 countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, UK and the Schengen Area.
  • No taxation on income from out of Antigua.
  • No personal income tax on income in Antigua.
  • Full residence status with the right to live and work in Antigua.
  • Dual citizenship is allowed.
  • There is no requirement to resident in Antigua before or after citizenship is granted.
  • The application process is confidential.

Citizenship can be renounced at any time. Re-application will be at the sole discretion of the Government.

Depending on the incorrect information provided, this may cause your application to be denied. Citizenship may also be revoked if it is discovered that false or incorrect information was submitted on the initial application.